A breeding trajectory focussing on higher disease resistance,
bright, unique and long-lasting colours.

Colorockz Sempervivum Collection


The Belgicactus company originated from Jef Gielis Sr.'s hobby. In the meantime his two sons, Jef Jr. & Jan have become managers. Over the years, the company has grown to cover a surface area comprising 10,000 m2 of greenhouse and 18,000 m2 of closed lava container field.

Driven by the goal of making varieties less susceptible to disease in terms of rooting and disease resistance, the Sempervivum-hybrid range, Sempervivum Colorockz©, was born.

These stunning no-nonsense ornamentals, are strong, resistant, fast to grow, easy to care for, surprisingly colourful and extremely hardy.

sempervivum lemon flare
why Colorockz


Sempervivum Summer Frost "belsemcob1" pbr
Sempervivum Summer Frost

Sempervivum Coconut Crystal "belsemmag1" pbr
Sempervivum Coconut Crystal

Sempervivum Ruby Lime "belsemcha1" pbr
Sempervivum Ruby Lime

Sempervivum Lemon Flare "belsemyel2" pbr
Sempervivum Lemon Flare

Sempervivum Emerald Swirl "belsemgre1" pbr
Sempervivum emerald Swirl

Sempervivum Coral Red "belsemred1" pbr
Sempervivum Coral Red belsemred1

Stay tuned for more!

Sempervivum Arctic White "belsemcob2" pbr
Sempervivum Arctic White Belsemcob2





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